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There is nothing better than seeing a magnificent old building in a historic setting. Great Gaddesden features in the Doomsday book and it's church dates from the 1100's. 


Most people assume that the building and its grounds are someone else’s responsibility, but this is not the case with a church.  Churches “belong” to the community they serve, and the community has a responsibility to help to preserve them.  We have a duty to make sure that when our descendants pass by they too will see the magnificent buildings and all the history they contain. Whether you are religious or not does not matter, we all have to look after our heritage and environment to be able to pass it on to future generations.

That is why the Friends of Great Gaddesden Church were formed as a registered charity (no.1100650)in 2003.  The Friends are raising money by membership and special fund raising events to help maintain the fabric of the church. Their aim is:

  • To preserve the church for future generations to enjoy. 

  • To maintain and improve the building for use by the whole community.

  • To support the conservation of the churchyard as a haven of peace

Why do we need your help?


Because old buildings cost money to maintain and there is no national fund to pay for any of this.

As with any old building, frosts loosens the rendering, rain penetrates, beetles munch the timber and damp rises.  Modern regulations make even minor repairs expensive, and a Grade 1 listed building needs high levels of craftsmanship.  Recently frost attacked a small section of the flints on the bell tower but repairs cost over £18,000 as expert craftsmen replaced the flints and repaired the damaged section. In the last decade £200,000 has been spent on the fabric, and it is likely that a similar figure will be needed in the next decade.

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